When I Touched Her Hand


 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many a thoughts thought I

Even in my thoughts I only lie.


I tried and tried, then trusted I my reflex action

For I wanted to end all my damn desperation.


Much joy it brought when I touched her hand!

Felt I my emotionally hardened feelings softened

Now, supposed I, I can my poorly done deeds amend

And lo! She did my weakness comprehend


She trusts me, she does, and I know

She has faith in me, and is proving she is mine

What more does she need to show?

Hand in hand we walk; we are, of course, on cloud nine.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS


7 comments on “When I Touched Her Hand

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    What electricty 🙂

    Good one, Ramu – and all the very best.

  2. soumyav says:

    🙂 seems someone is floating on cloud nine!

  3. Harsha says:

    Wow Love Poem at its best..Carry On hand in hand.. 🙂

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