Truth and Lie

Truth when you tell

And with pride your chest swell,

Then you have to know something my friend

One who speaks the truth, brings his life to an end

Look at me, battered and in pain, what have I become?

I should have lied and not given such liberty to my tongue

I should have been submissive and accepted the lie for the truth

I should have known only lies triumph and lies produce sweet fruit

So, learn from me, oh you who are honest and you who speak not lie

I am almost a dead man now; learn from me, oh you who don’t want to die.

Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

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6 comments on “Truth and Lie

  1. The truth-teller has a difficult role to play, for he is loved and hated at the same time….most people fear to play this role of the truth-teller…

    • RAMU DAS says:

      Yes, the truth-teller is loved and hated at the same time; the problem is, most of the time, the haters outnumber the lovers, and this greatly disappoints the truth-teller.

  2. I dont know if I should listen to you or not! 🙂

  3. Sylvia Nair says:

    Disagreeing with you, friend.
    A liar dies a thousand times, an honest man just once. (Okay, okay, I tweaked it).
    Satyameva Jayate!

    • RAMU DAS says:

      I am glad you disagree. Truth is an atom bomb, whereas lies are like the bullets which are fired in quick succession from the magazine of a machine gun.

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