O Moon

O moon, tell me, why are you so shy today?

Dreadful and starless is the night, why do you hide behind the cloud?

I stumble, pick myself up; I talk to myself at times slowly at times aloud.

As though talking to myself I can find my way.


I’m scared; I hear voices I’ve never heard before;

Bloodcurdling voices, as of the deadly ghost.

Oh, spare me some light; I only wish to go to the shore.

Such a dark night this is that my path I’ve lost.

By the shore I have anchored my boat.

They are after me; I sense they are an angry lot.


Yes, greedy I have been, but my pursuit of wealth is over.

They were all liars who have so sweetly spoken,

And told me that wandering I shall find a gold wagon.

But now the truth strikes me, here I shall no longer hover.


O moon, what is this plight? Oh such a plight!

Scared I am, beastly figures move here and there.

Make me so strong my lord that I can fight.

Or tell your moon to show up and disband my fear.


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS


6 comments on “O Moon

  1. soumyav says:

    gently revealing the truth in words of rhyme. Nice one.

  2. This is simultaneously heavy and relieving. I felt more comfort than concern with your words. Nicely shared.

  3. Hi Ramu,

    Great verse.

    To me it is a prayer to rid ourselves of nameless fears. The moon symbolises the harbinger of the light and awareness for which we are praying to our lord.


  4. That’s an excellent poem.

  5. zack says:

    Ramu really nice poem.

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