Beauty In a Tomboy

Tomboy (1985 film)

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh foolish heart, what in a tomboy did you a beauty see?

Time and again you love her, but foolish you are you prove.

Foolish heart, open your eyes and see: your love doesn’t her move.

Ignore not the other beauties that lament and die out of jealousy.


Yet with no other beauties you wish to be

Oh, in a tomboy a beauty you did see!


Then foolish heart, a thousand death must you die

For she is unkind, business-minded, and a fame-hungry being

She seeks any men who might give her a diamond ring

Die oh foolish heart die, and kiss her and the world a final goodbye.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS


10 comments on “Beauty In a Tomboy

  1. haha….i like the sincere outpourings on this blog. Very directly felt things you mention!

  2. she doesnot sounds like a tomboy 🙂
    she sounds like a seductress.

  3. njs says:

    I hate you for this post… joking 😉
    I am a big time tomboy and feminist… donot generalize… But the poem was good… You have improved…:)

  4. Eric Alagan says:

    There is something about a tomboy that attracts the guys – perhaps some forbidden fruit, the closest to making out with another ‘guy’ while remaining ‘straight’

    LOL – don’t take this too seriously but at one time, tomboys did hold an allure.

    • RAMU DAS says:

      Lol “the closest to making out with another ‘guy’ while remaining ‘straight’”… ah ha, that would be quite an experience, I should say.

      I suppose, tomboys still hold an allure, one has to see them through my eyes… hahaha!

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