Gone Though You Have

Can't Get You Out of My Thoughts

Can’t Get You Out of My Thoughts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gone now though you have
But along my heart you took
No trace of you I find on any map
In solitude I only read my book

In the books I read
Stories similar to our story
A lover lies dead
Yet, another isn’t at all sorry.

But my condition is pitiable
For yes, alive I am
But thoughts are bitter and miserable
Do snatch my life in god’s name!

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS


10 comments on “Gone Though You Have

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    Perhaps writing this poem will help you in your journey to forgetfulness …

  2. surindernath says:

    If you are talking about your ‘coconut-smelling examiner’ then you have to wait till next eegjam !!


  3. Great stuff Ramu! Quite a bit of what your heart is telling you has been put into verse.


    P.S. Happy Deepawali.

  4. is dumdums the name of a band? 🙂
    dumdum is a place in kolkata.

    • RAMU DAS says:

      Yes, it’s a boy-band. The song “Cant get you out of my thoughts” was written by Josh Doyle. 🙂

      Right, I’ve heard of the place called Dumdum in Kolkatta. 😀

  5. sometimes life leaves such wounds in hearts that love and care. very touching poem.

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